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16 July 2030 @ 05:35 pm

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13 July 2010 @ 01:43 pm
I have been DYING to update my LJ and figures work decided to kick me in the ass the moment I figured out what I wanted. DON'T LOOK AT IT! IT'S AN ABOMINATION RIGHT NOW!

Otherwise..I wanted to update quite a bit regarding what's going on lately. Oh and I'm debating if I should bother putting this to friends only (and making a banner that I think is silly and funny), but I don't think I'm popular enough yet to worry o_O
11 January 2010 @ 11:00 pm
I'm writing this as a weak attempt at getting myself motivated enough to actually learn how to sew and make my costumes for Anime North and Fan Expo! My sister and I got a sewing machine from our friend for Christmas since we always call him in a panic and his mom lends us hers. In the same way Erin did it, I'm going to just list a majority of the cosplays I would someday love to do. They're in no specific order, games/anime/whatever and it's just general..not specifically for Anime North. Feel free to say which you think would work and even suggestions if you have a character.

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10 November 2009 @ 01:10 pm

This year has to have been one of the best birthdays ever. I got to celebrate for 4 days essentially since everybody was all sneaky and planning stuff around me haha. Thursday was the actual day. Woke up, found the cutest set up of presents that my mom left on the table for me while she drove my sis to school. I have pictures of it that I'll upload because I love how into it she gets. Anyways, she completed my need of winter clothing. I love Fall/Winter fashion with all the businessy looking stuff so she got me 3 shirts and a smaller jacket for the warmer days. My sis got me some awesome winter boots that I got later aaaannnddd my boss got me Tekken..6? My buddy at work also got me Dissidia, which I am friggin LOVING. It is so satisfying seeing all of them interacting for some reason. My boyfriend was being sneaky with his present and even got my mom to be in cahoots with him. He got me tickets to Cirque Du Soleil after his asshole parents didn't invite me with them. He also got me Three Days Grace tickets, which got ruined when my sister came running in with the tickets while I was there -____-. Ya we like Three Days Grace..wanna fight about it? Haha. We also went out to dinner and ate like fucking pigs, I forgot how much my parents like appetizers more than actual entrees so I could not breathe for the rest of the night.

Friday go to see Ovo after work and hang out with my man. Saturday was the party day, which was sooo hectic before it started! I had to get everything within 3 hours because of my haircut (which was another friend's present). This retard in front of us took over an hour because she was bitching about her stupid highlights, which she chose herself and made them re-do. Went with Erin and James to get all the chips, pop, rice krispies (to make which failed and ended up being a rice krispie ball thanks to Jake lol) and cupcake stuff (which didn't fail thanks to Jake hahaha). The party was soooo good. I'm always afraid of my groups from college and highschool friends not mixing, but they did! My boss even came, which was really cool. We played RockBand for the most part, but over 20 people were there so it was all kinds of fun.

The presents! I never expect my friends to get anything because I know we're all broke and the party is the thing I really want to work out, but HOLY CRAP! They outdid themselves. Erin got me Arkham Asylum's special edition. There was also the Master Edition Pre-Order of Assassin's Creed 2, buttloads of fashion..things due to my friend that's in the business, a Superman shirt (which I've somehow never owned), Cloud and Sora dolls, Advent Children Complete in Blu-Ray (incentive for me to buy a PS3 lol). Also got Persona 4, which I have been threatened with..if I do not play this game soon I will get stabbed lol. My extended family, who came on Sunday, got me more winter stuff and I think that's it, but I'm probably missing somebody. A girlfriend of my friend who couldn't make it made me this amazing icecream cake. So all in all this birthday..almost week long...was amazing!

Another little surprise I got that made me cry was this surprise GMV by Erin. Love you <3

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02 November 2009 @ 12:46 am
Finally! A successful Halloween! For the last 323545762947293 years I've been dying for a good Halloween. It's my favourite not holiday ever! Zatanna worked out really well. Dyed my hair black even though having dark brown hair..nobody really noticed, but it was that cheap Colour Pulse stuff. I wanted to use the 2nd bottle, but had no time and I remembered my friend is buying me a haircut for my birthday lol. Maybe after I'll do it again, and James' too! He wanted me to dye his hair, but he needs a haircut too.

Okay so James was the big thing for Halloween. My lovely dork ass of a boyfriend would NOT give me a costume he wanted to be. Everything was way too hard in the week he was giving me. Cyclops, Green Power Ranger (Stores only sold Red and he's gay so he wouldn't be him lol). Who else?...Uh...I don't remember. So while I was frustrated and angrily speaking to him about this costume, I was venting all my anger out on the poor civilians/military and infected NPC's in the game Prototype. Somehow my brain decided to turn off the "Don't kill your boyfriend" switch and realized, "Hey..Alex Mercer is a pretty easy and cool dude..James could pull him off."

So I stopped gloriously on a building and said, "You'll be Alex."
"Alex. Him. With one of his many gooey arm weapons. Whip, claws or blade..whatever I make faster."

Well apparently James is as awkward of a size as I am and we couldn't find any leather jackets at the many thrift stores we went to. Finally we found a decent one and I went apeshit for the DAY I had to make his costume. Thankfully mine was all set up save for dying my hair so I wasn't worried, but then he had to go to work on Saturday. I sat there trying to think of how big his arm is, how long it is, where the white stripes on the jacket go...all without him THERE. Then he came home and napped. I made the blade as fast as I could. Spray painted it black, made spikes for his arm and back while it dried. Switched back over and added hot glue to make vein shapes along the blade. Switched back to the spikes to touch them up. Finished the blade, attached it to a glove I made for his arm so he wouldn't be attached to it all night. Added the spikes, painted the hot glue red and somehow finished it 30 minutes before we had to leave. I woke his ass up during his nap and just said, "You. Get up. Need your arm NOW."

I actually feel pretty pleased with this Halloween. Zatanna worked out and looked pretty good, Alex Mercer looked pretty good (and somehow oddly sexy to me...but he would eat me if he was real o_O).

Next year I'm just going downtown though if I don't make my own party. Kinda giving up on expecting others to do really good Halloween parties and downtown had TONS of awesome people walking around in costumes. Hopefully I don't choose a scantily clad, high heel wearing magician again!
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20 October 2009 @ 12:08 am

Finally! Rest!

Since Friday my brain and body have been kinda flatlining. The Fall Studio Tour happened downtown, which I'm sure the what..3 people that read this know of. Anyways, after initiating the day breaking that stupid fucking piece of plastic on the camera's "safe" device for holding the firestore...I managed to keep it cool the rest of the day. Thankfully Tim and myself aren't in trouble for that stupid ass thing. My way of holding the firestore was safer anyways. Backpack > Gay Blue Wire/Plastic piece swinging around. After getting home around what..midnight?..after being up since 6 am and walking around with a giant HD camera on your arm the whole day, the rest was SURELY welcomed.

Got to hang out with Erin finally. I know you'll probably read this, but gawd was it great hanging out again. I don't say much in the car when I drop you off or anything (mainly because I'm concentrating on all the retard drivers we encounter), but I hate that you live far away and miss you!! Being lazy after the tour and playing Dirge is so much fun. Someday I am grabbing every game we own and want to play/finish and we're doing it! Even if I have to tell James to go see Sean for a whole weekend to do it. WE WILL!

To finish it off. Halloween. Oh costumes..you are like an Achilles heel to me. I so love dressing up and saying I'll do epic costumes, but my GAWD do I need to learn how to sew. Seriously though, who the fuck thought Zatanna would be a hard character to cosplay? NOT ME! I looked at her and said "She's barely wearing anything, that's easy."

Well Zatanna practically jumped out from the pages and said "ssa reh kcik." Finding her stuff was sooooo hard (harder than Batgirl..ya..CRAZY!!). I had given up. Completely. Asked one last time on Facebook to anybody who knew more than I did. I had forgotten one of Toronto's greatest secrets...Kensington Market. I fucking love you and Andrew for telling me to go. I. Found. Every. Single. Thing. Thanks Erin for once again being my wingwoman and helping my retard brain out. Oh...and look at my horse. My horse is amazing. Just for you. <3

Zatanna is finished. Except for the blue contacts, but I'm poor and for Halloween don't care as much. It will be dark lol.

But seriousy, I need to learn how to sew asap.
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21 September 2009 @ 12:26 am
Sorry Erin reall_goodchild, but I gotta catch up on the Fan Expo journal too haha.

Alrighty! So, went to Fan Expo (duh) and finally had somebody go WITH ME! Tim (Shameless plug - he's my boss..CHECK HIS COMPANY OUT! was a saint and got us in for free for the whole weekend, otherwise I'm sure we would have missed so much epic-ness because of the 3 hour lineups to just get IN! I brought out Batgirl once again. Had Erin with me to modify the CRAP out of it. Added in some actual utilities, including a grappling hook, which ohhh man did that take some man power after accidentally screwing it up. I definitely have a giant 3rd update that I want to do. First step to that is learning how to sew! I feel so bad making Erin and her mom my costume slaves >_<. So, we were hoping to meet this trio of awesome cosplayers that we always see at conventions in Toronto. Everybody kept telling us, "Have you seen the other Batgirl?! I have." so from them on I was determined to find them! I don't mean for it to sound stalkerish, but we loved their cosplays and when I found out they were doing DC characters I almost died. Especially when I heard one of them was doing the same Batgirl I was and she had a one up on me right off the bat - She's asian!! (Cassandra Cain is asian..well half, but ya) With how talented they are I was all "OOOOH NOO!!! I SO DON'T WANT TO WEAR MY COSTUME!"...I got so intimidated lol..like I was going to go up against royalty or something. Anyways, they're super nice! We took pics with one of them and have it displayed on the cosplay group Erin and I made: Ultima Guise. Emmy made a great Cassandra and someday I hope she does Faith from Mirror's Edge if she ever gets into it because GAWD is she like a real life version of her!

Enough gushing..so there was a DC booth. I missed the high ups apparently, but I did get 5 Green Lantern rings after my boss bribed the woman holding the bowl of rings. They're so entertaining! The model DC had for the Green Lantern was the most suave men I have met in my life. Seriously, he came up to me and grabbed my hand like a Disney prince would or something. It actually reminded me of Prince Philip specifically (GAWD I'm a dork), but it was so..determined at the same time. I've never been so overwhelmed before, thank god he couldn't see my face. All he said was "You have to come with me." He took pictures with me like he did with so many others and kept asking about how I made the suit and he even asked to touch my face. I just stood dumbfounded, he was such a charmer! All I could say was, "Uh buuuuuuhh...yes?" Hahahaha I just realized I typed "Uh buh", which is something Tim said when Catwoman wore this white suit with him...OMFG THIS JOURNAL IS SO FULL OF NERD AND WHY AM I STILL UP AT 2 AM?! I have work in the morning!!

Okay..what else about FanExpo...I got to be in the picture with Leonard Nimoy that Erin was in. He is an adorable old man! I wanted to hug him again and I don't even watch Star Trek. Uh..tons of pics were taken of my costume, but I have yet to find many. We ended up doing a photoshoot outside of the con, I tried to climb as high as I could without busting my sprained ankle again as I was already in boots! Then we took night shots on my boss' rooftop, which was hard without a tripod, but a couple came out great! Overall, Fan Expo was AWESOME! I can't wait for Anime North. To follow, well copy, Erin again as she is my partner in cosplay/nerd crime..I have a list of sorts of possible cosplays I may do or just dream of doing someday:

1. Batgirl v.3.0
2. Katara - Re-do of Fire Nation and the 3rd season Water Tribe
3. Zatanna - Always been told to do this DC heroine
4. Silk Spectre (Movie-Daughter)
5. Some Marvel chick as payback for making Erin do a DC
6. Claire Redfield - I love her so much I'm actually thinking of trying her..can I pull off a red-head?
7. Chun-Li - For that matter can I pull off an asian? Hahaha, my friend wants my thunder thighs to get some attention so he feels the Queen of Thighs should be a good way to show that off.

Ya..I think that's it so far hahaha. Any suggestions FEEL FREE!
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20 September 2009 @ 09:07 pm
I love love love love Tim and Batman (not together!!!), but seeing him "dead" and seeing Tim sad hurts me after so long lol. I'm thinking Mirror's Edge or Assassin's Creed (1 or 2) cause..the 3 of them are all about being awesome and sexy..including Faith. Ezio even has facial hair now! Hahaha, you only see half his face and he's still being called super sexy by almost every woman. I'm having a severe lack of being able to buy games. Halo ODST is here, Dissidia came out, Assassin's Creed 2 is coming...ugh...*Prays she gets a job*
29 July 2009 @ 12:13 am
So..I think I had one of the worst nights of my life. This may seem useless to some people, but I lost a huge part of my life today. 6 years of my life to be exact. Somebody I know decided to plug in my hard drive when I was in the washroom yelling for them to wait because my cables were all mixed up in my bag with my laptop's. Well..they decided that waiting the 30 fucking seconds was too long and used my laptop's plug for my hard drive. Engage the frying of my hd to the point where it doesn't even turn on anymore. My fucking terrabyte is gone. 6 years gone. I had just reformatted my computer and was in the process of throwing everything back in and into my smaller hd to have 3 backups. All my school work..any form of creativity I've done since I was 16 and even stupid amvs, videos I've downloaded, the millions of pictures whether it was of anime/games or real life situations just fucking gone. My friend looked at it..opened it up since the warranty is void with the frying and said I can possibly still save the memory and that it is not unheard of. I'm going to go to every computer store within and around Toronto to find somebody to fix this if they can. It was brand fucking new too. I'm so exhausted from crying in shock and punching the shit out of my computer desk.
22 March 2009 @ 01:03 am
Tim said he would love to have me as an intern with Oddly.

Fuck yea!

.....*cough* I mean..this is a very beneficial opportunity that I have received *cough* /end professionalism